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** Per Student means that the number of class hours and corresponding tuition in the schedule above are applicable to each student, including students in the same family except as described in the next sentence. If a family has more than one student enrolled in a month and, when counted together, the total number of class hours such family's students are enrolled in during that month is 6.00 or less, the tuition charged for each hour of class that month, other than the $65 charged for the first class, shall be $60.

# Class Hours - Any class up to one hour (i.e., a 30, 45 or 60 minute class) is treated as one class hour. Classes that are longer than one hour will be treated as additional fractional classes in quarter hour increments. The tuition will be prorated accordingly (for example, the monthly tuition for a dancer taking one 90 minute class, would be $65 plus $60 x .5 or $95).

"Regular Dance Classes" means school year dance classes other than Master Classes, Bootcamps, Intensives and Summer Classes, each of which are not covered by the Tuition described on this page and will have separate tuition schedules.

Payment Plans, Methods and Late Charges

  • 10-Payment Plan Tuition Due Dates - The school year tuition will be billed in ten (10) installments (for example, the school year tuition for a dancer enrolled in one 60 minute class would be $620). The first month’s payment is due at registration. Subsequent tuition will be billed on the 15th of every month (during the month preceding the month for which the tuition applies). The following example is for clarification purposes only: if a family registers their child for the school year in August, their registration fee and September tuition would be due at registration. The next due date for tuition would be September 15th. The last payment of the year will be due on May 15th.
  • 3-Payment Plan Tuition Due Dates - The school year tuition will be billed in three (3) installments with the first payment due at registration, the second payment due 11/15 and the third payment due 2/15.
  • 1-Payment Plan Due Date - The full school year tuition must be paid with registration.
  • Payment Methods -- We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Discover). AMEX cards can be accepted subject to a 5% surcharge (please contact studio office for details). We are working on introducing E-Checks (electronic payments made from a checking or savings account). For most of our customers, we maintain their credit card account information in our systems and process the monthly charges automatically - the dance class registration form includes a section where you can provide the required information and signature to enable automatic monthly payments. Another convenient method for payment is using DANJ's online Portal -- where you can login each month and pay online. You may also pay at the office with cash, check or credit card. In all cases, we do require a debit or credit card and your pre-authorization for use in the event that we do not receive your monthly payment by the applicable due date. Post dated checks are not permitted; and a $35.00 return fee will be charged for any returned checks.
  • Late Charge -- Accounts outstanding past the applicable due date will be assessed a late fee, regardless of the reason for lateness, on all past due amounts (i.e., amounts invoiced but not paid within 30 calendar days of the invoiced date) as follows (i) $5.00 per month on any amounts late that are less than one thousand dollars and, in addition, $4 per month on amounts over $1,000 in increments of $4 per $1,000, or portion thereof, past due (for example, a late fee of $5 per month would be due on $25 past due; a late fee of $9 per month would be due on $1,100 past due; and a late fee of $13 per month will be due on $2,100 past due).

Making Debit/Credit Card Payments Online

To make payments using a debit or credit card, log into the DANJ Customer Portal and follow the steps described below (you may want to print these instructions for reference):

Step 1. Enter your Debit or Credit Card Information to "My Account"
(i) Go the "My Account" tab either by:
-- Clicking on the tab labeled "My Account"; OR
-- Selecting "Update My Account" from the "I want to:" drop-down list;
(ii) Enter all of the required credit card information:
-- Name as it appears on your credit card
-- Card Type (by selecting Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX*)
-- Card Number
-- Card Expiration Month
-- Card Expiration Year;
(iii) Click "Save" (your information will not be saved or available to support payments in Step 2 if you skip this step); and
(iv) You may (optional) change your ID and Password using the applicable buttons on the My Account tab.

Step 2. Enter your Payment
(i) Go the "Fees & Payments" tab either by:
-- Clicking on the tab labeled "Make a Payment" OR
-- Selecting "Make a Payment" from the "I want to:" drop-down list;
(ii) Enter all of the required payment information (payment amount, CVV code, etc.); and
(iii) Click "Submit" (your payment will not be processed if you skip this step).

Additional Information

  • Tuition is non-refundable - tuition for the period that a student took classes will not be refunded under any conditions unless there is a valid medical reason provided by the dancer's doctor in advance.
  • Missed Classes / Make Ups - Any sessions missed due to illness or inclement weather can be made up by contacting the office and taking a make up class, if one is available (make up classes may only be taken in comparable classes, if available, and only at the same or lower skill level), no later than four weeks from the time of absence. There will be no credits or refunds for missed classes/sessions. Make up classes may not be available for a number of reasons, including: (i) there may not be comparable classes (i.e., classes at the same skill level or lower than the class being made up) available or any such comparable classes may be full (not having space to add another dancer).
  • Withdrawing from the Studio or Dropping Classes - If you decide to withdraw from the studio or drop out of a class, you must notify the studio business manager by the 5th of the preceding month in which a student is dropping in order to avoid being charged for the month (for example, if someone is dropping a class as of November 1, they must notify the office on or before the 5th of October to avoid being charged for November).