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Lake Hopatcong: 973-663-2009 Sparta: 973-729-9449

DANJ Competition Team

The Dance Academy of North Jersey competition team is a group of young women and men with similar interests who come together to learn, rehearse and perform -- in a supportive, fun environment. The DANJ team has achieved national recognition for their exceptional technique, diverse, professional choreography, performance qualities, and unique costuming, in all styles of dance. While having consistently been recognized as one of the leaders in the competitive dance world, the DANJ team understands that dance is an art form and that dance competitions are a place for them to gain exposure to, and develop friendly relationships with, dancers and choreographers from other studios and dance organizations.

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The DANJ team participates in four regional competitions during the school year and one national competition. The regional competitions run between late February and mid-May and the national competition is usually in early July. The regionals are generally within driving distance; however, depending on the distance and competition schedule, some families may decide to stay overnight close to the venue (for example, if the venue is 60+ minutes away and a dancer is performing late one night and early the next morning, it may be more convenient for that dancer to stay close to the competition venue). National competitions are frequently outside the immediate NY Metropolitan area, although they occasionally are in New York City. Please visit our Team Achievements page.

How To Join

The competition team dancers range in age from 7 to 18. Dancers are invited to join the team based on an observation process, which may be accomplished in class during the school year or summer and/or group or private auditions during the summer and fall. As a member of the team, every dancer must: (i) attend scheduled choreography sessions, rehearsals, and all ‘mandatory’ (i.e., 4 regional and one national) competitions; (ii) enroll in and attend at least two ballet classes per week; (iii) enroll in the Summer Technique Program and attend at least 20 of the 30+ classes offered, as well as two weeks of the summer Ballet Bootcamps; and (iv) comply with all studio and competition team policies.

Choreography and Rehearsals

Our team trains with professional dancers, educators, performers and choreographers every week during the school year -- at "home" in the studio. These professionals teach technique in class. Our philosophy is that class time should be exclusively dedicated to dance education — technique, combinations, improv, etc. Choreography and rehearsals are held as separate sessions (generally on weekends).


Our portfolio of dances is very diverse — including work by over ten professional choreographers. DANJ’s professional choreography staff, together with choreographers from leading dance companies, university/conservatory programs and theater companies, choreograph original works featuring jazz (with pop, funk, musical theater influences), tap (with broadway/classic, rhythm/contemporary influences), lyrical, modern (with Limón, Horton and Release technique influences), contemporary, pointe, hip hop, musical theater and ballet/pointe (classical and contemporary). DANJ choreographers received the top choreography awards at Onstage New York's 2017 nationals, American Dance Award’s 2016 and 2015 nationals, and Hall of Fame's 2014 nationals - events attended by some of North America’s top studios.

Mini Team

The Mini Team is for young dancers (generally ages 6 to 9) who are demonstrating a real interest in dance and the potential to benefit from additional training and performance opportunities.

Technical Training -- After taking preschool and/or combo classes, the next logical step in dance education is to begin focusing on individual styles of dance: ballet, tap, jazz and acro. Ballet provides the foundation and a vocabulary for all styles of dance; acro enhances flexibility and strength; and jazz and tap provide two rhythmic movement styles appropriate for young children. To facilitate this focus, we offer special technique classes for the minis in ballet, acro, jazz and tap. These classes are by invitation only – to help ensure that the children progress together and at a relatively accelerated rate - as follows:

Classes Required for Mini Team Members in Lake Hopatcong:
- Mondays: 4:30 - 5:30: Tap; and 5:30 - 6:30: Acro; and
- Wednesdays: 4:15 - 5:15: Ballet; and 5:30 - 6:30: Jazz; and
- Weekends: Days/Times TBA.

Classes Required for Mini Team Members in Sparta:
- Mondays: 6:00 - 7:00: Ballet; and 7:15 - 8:00: Acro;
- Thursdays: 5:15 - 6:00: Tap; and 6:00 - 6:45: Jazz; and
- Saturdays: 1:00 - 3:00: Choreography and Rehearsal.

In addition to the classes listed above, Mini Team dancers may enroll in other classes. Families interested in joining the mini team who have unresolvable conflicts with these class times should consult with the DANJ directors for possible work-arounds.

Performance and Competition -- In addition to developing technique, the children invited to the Mini Team are ready to begin learning more complex choreography as well as performance technique. These activities will improve their spatial awareness, appreciation for working as a team and self-confidence. The “Mini Team” is a "lite" competition environment. The children will learn two dance pieces (i.e., tap and jazz/musical theater in Lake Hopatcong; and lyrical and either jazz or tap in Sparta). The choreography and rehearsals for these two pieces will be (i) in Lake Hopatcong - on Weekend days and in portions of the Monday & Wednesday classes; and (ii) in Sparta - on Saturdays. Some additional rehearsals may be scheduled before the competitions. The competitions will be local, possibly exclusive to the Sussex/Morris county area, but in no case greater than one hour driving time.

Tuition & Fees - the following are the estimated Mini Team-specific costs for the 2015-16 school year:

  • Required Classes and Choreography/Rehearsals for Two Groups: $281 per payment under the 10 payment plan (discounts are available under the 3 and 1 payment plans). The registration fee is $40 for new DANJ dancers and $35 for returning DANJ dancers.
  • Costumes: $175 for each of the two costumes (NOTE: The mini team will be performing their competition pieces in the recital. No additional costume charges will be applicable to the recital – unless you enroll your child in additional classes with recital pieces.)
  • Competition Entry Fees: $240 for the school year ($120 for each competition - covering the two pieces)
  • Other Costs (not included above): Recital ticket package, any additional recital tickets; and any merchandise.