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The “Right Studio” for Your Children! Do your homework, visit the studio, meet the people who will be teaching your children, and take free trial classes. Call us at your convenience or stop by our beautiful Lake Hopatcong and Sparta studios. In addition to learning about our classes for young children, you will have an opportunity to tour our state-of-the industry facilities, meet our professional faculty, and interact with current dancers and their parents. You will also learn about our summer programs including Petite Feet evening classes and camps. Whether your child will ultimately make dance their primary extracurricular focus or simply a fun after-school activity, they should start by learning sound technical fundamentals in a fun, nurturing environment. For more about what distinguishes DANJ among America’s top dance studios, click = Why DANJ?


The faculty leading these classes, Jessica Longo, Katy Guth, Kathleen Arcieri, Nicole Pietraszkiewicz, and Nicole Hete, are experienced providing young children with a strong dance foundation, an appreciation for music, feeling self-confident with creative movement — all in a fun environment.

Class Descriptions

Preschool I (Age: 2 1/2 - 3) and Preschool II (Age: 3 - 4)
These fun-filled classes will introduce your little dancer to the basics of Ballet and Jazz. Ballet provides the perfect foundation for all dance styles a dancer may be interested in as they mature. The Jazz portion of the class continues to develop rhythm and coordination. Preschool students participate in the annual end-of-school year recital.

Combo: Ballet/Tap I or II (Age: 4 - 6) and Combo III: Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Age: 6 - 7)
These fun-filled combo classes will introduce your little dancer to the basics of Ballet and Jazz or Tap (depending on the Combo class selected). Combo classes are appropriate for newcomers and for children with experience in preschool dance. The age guidelines for the Combo classes are as follows:
• Combo I (Age 4 - 5): Preschool/Pre-K
• Combo I (Age 4 - 5): Kindergarten
• Combo II (Age 5 - 6): Kindergarten
• Combo III (Age 6 - 7): 1st Grade

Tumbling I or II (Age: 3 - 7)
Tumbling offers young children an introduction to the fundamentals of acrobatics, including rolls, cartwheels and bridges, which will provide them with the building blocks necessary for their potential development in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and overall fitness. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control, inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors. The confidence and sense of accomplishment your child will gain from learning new skills will show, and will stay with them forever.

Beginner Classes (Age: 6 & Up)
Beginner Classes (for Ages 6 and up) are available in Ballet, Tap, Acro, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. These classes require no previous experience in dance and begin with the fundamentals and progress at an age appropriate pace.

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